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The Regional Healthy City Network is a network of cities that have registered for inclusion in WHO's healthy city network for the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Content of the website is provided by city planners who are wholly responsible for the content they provide. The contents provided by countries are not edited or revised by The World Health Organization.

This interactive website enables interested mayors and governors to join the Regional Healthy City Network.

A healthy city is an urban area which maintains and improves the social and natural environment and enables people to support each other through developing their potential to promote health. The goal of the WHO healthy city programme is to improve the health and quality of life of city dwellers on continuous bases through sustained community participation and intersectoral collaboration.

City planners’ dedication to the urbanization and health agenda will be supported and sustained through joining the Regional Healthy City Network.

Joining this network depends upon meeting certain criteria that qualify a city as a “healthy city”. Further information can be found in the short guide to implementing the healthy city programme.

Registered cities will be located on the regional interactive map with a colour code according to city status as follows:

      • ORANGE  registered cities in RHCN; 
      • BLUE  cities that applied to be recognized as healthy city based on specific criteria to be evaluated;
      • GREEN awarded "Healthy City" status by WHO after they have gone through evaluation.

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Latest News

Sharjah the first Healthy City of the Region
The World Health Organization formally declared Sharjah the first healthy city of the Region at a special ceremony held in Sharjah on 30 September 2015. His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, received the WHO Healthy City Certificate from Dr Ala Alwan, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean.
The WHO report presented on the occasion confirmed that Sharjah, which joined the WHO Healthy City Network in 2012, has successfully evaluated and achieved 88% of the indicators. This initiative is part of the vision and efforts of the Ruler of Sharjah in collaboration with WHO to put health at the top of the development agenda of the Emirate.

During the award ceremony, WHO expressed appreciation for the efforts of the local authorities for taking measures to improve health of the citizens and social welfare infrastructure, while embracing responsible environmental policies and practices, food safety control system, community organization and mobilization, emergency preparedness and response, education and literacy all through functional intersectoral collaboration. Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Esam Bin Saqar Al Qasimi, adviser at the Ruler of Sharjah’s office and chairman of the higher committee for Sharjah Healthy City programme said that the WHO honour was the outcome of the Emirate's efforts guided by the vision of Sharjah Ruler.
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