Steps to use the UMD data cetner form:

You can suggest new medical terms, information about an existing term or a meaning, or new relationships between different terms.

Steps to use the UMD Data center form:

1 – You should have the Microsoft InfoPath already installed on your PC.

2 - Download the UMD data center form into your local PC and open it in the MS-InfoPath

3 - You may add as many terms as you want to. How to use this form?

4 - You can send the form (XSN file) to . The UMD team will validate and integrate your data with the main UMD linguistics’ database.

Thank you for your effort to improve the UMD database.


How to use this form:

Each meaning of a term has a row (record) that has the following elements:

                Term: the word to be added to the UMD database

                Category: the category this meaning belongs to.(Surgery, Histology, Prefixes…)

                Part of Speech: Noun, verb, pronoun, adjective…

                Date: You may add the date of entry as a reminder

                Terms relations:

                                You may add as many relationships as you know with other terms

                                Relationshiop:Derivation, translation, antonym…

                                Term: the related term


Example: For the term blood a translation relationship is added with the Turkish word “KAN”


                Term parameters:

                                You may add extra information about this term.

Parameter: the type of information. Example: Meaning of the term, Gender, etymology…

Param value: the information you are adding


Example: For the term Infant a parameter called “Meaning” as added with the value “A minor”


Clicking on the link labeled “Insert item” will open a record to add a new word, a new relationship with another word, or new information for the current word (parameter)